Day 1 of the Shrien Dewani Trial (06/10/14)


Shrien Dewani’s legal team arriving at court on Day 1 of the trial proceedings. One of the men pictured above is defence advocate, Francois van Zyl.


Pictured above is a videographer waiting for Shrien Dewani’s family to approach the Western Cape High Court in Cape Town, South Africa.

Media personnel often put themselves and their equipment into precarious positions in order to try obtain the best shot or capture the moment in a way that is clearer or even better than their peers.


The vehicle transporting Anni Dewani’s family, the Hindochas, arriving at court.

Photographers scrambled to snap photos of them appearing at court for the first time in recent months.


The media practically hounded both sets of families as they arrived. This was taken when Anni’s family was climbing the steps of the High Court on their way in.


Another photo taken when Anni’s family was entering the High Court in Cape Town, South Africa.
You can just see Anni’s sister, Ami Denborg as she tries to mount the steps.


This is a photo of the main door leading into Courtroom 2 of the Western Cape High Court.

During the pre-trial proceedings, court was held inside Court 1 on the otherside of the High Court main foyer but it has been moved to Court 2 for the official trial proceedings.

No photographs are allowed to be taken inside the courtroom now that the official trial is underway.

Day 2 of court proceedings on the 8th of October 2014 held much of the same as far as the media rush and hurried entrances and exits by the respective families and legal teams was concerned.


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